4.01.19 – Smallman Street (Pittsburgh) Corridor Development- Proposed renderings




3.17.19 – West Half Street Construction Progress - Underfloor slab panels coming along nicely!

5.20.18 – New Projects – The difficulty in utilizing standards in Revit cannot be understated: a plan for how new buildings interact with the old, is critical.

3.2.18 – Sketches – Images made from Revit can be fun too!

2.19.17 - Construction Progress.  View here.

11.11.16 - First published article.  View here.

10.23.17 - New ’skyscraper portfolio’. Examine Here.

10.19.17 - Lastest update to the Skyscraper Blog: looks muuuuch better, thanks to a few new layouts found for blogger.  See Here.

10.10.17 - What happens when you place a high-rise near a baseball stadium?!?!

7.25.17 - Honest Question: why skyscrapers?  Also, this is still worth sharing!  ;)

7.20.17 – Assistance – Helping others, and the community at large, is one of the most fulfilling achievements of ones time.   Search Link is Here, for recently announced affordable housing units at Buzzard Point.

2.23.17 - Hello Architectural License!  ;)   Search Link is Here.

7.25.15 – This month has seen a greater shift back into writing, with a few tidbits I’ve been doing on the Skyscraper Blog/Skyscraper subjects at the following link:  While the work itself has gone slow (and while I try to debate if I try to post once a week, once a month, or just wing it), I’m at least happy with the quality of the topics.  Writing can be its own catharsis, and the amount of help out there for those wishing to hone the craft really is amazing.     Still have to get the actual quality of the blog up to snuff next…but, getting there!

With luck, I’ll continue to get a post in every week or two, now with work items slowing up, and my own pursuits starting to take precedence.  Not sure where all these items are going just yet, but still having some fun with all of it!

6.15.15 – Finished up the Metrolinx Federal Transit Center (for the Canadian Government)!!!! Incredible project, and well on its way for a LEED Gold rating!

5.20.15 – New updates, and expanded residential funitutde!!!! – New updates, and expanded residential funitutde!!!!: White Residence.

1.7.15 – Now this is starting to look like a good ole’ fashioned resume: fun times with MS Word.  Will also be updating the website this week, to more align with the Sustainability and Technical focus that seems to be my ‘emerging expertise’.  Like all of those sidelined by the recession, we get to have quite a bit of fun tailoring our talents to the areas they are most sought by potential employers!  Keep an eye out for the new SUSTAINABILITY section, later this month!

7.4.14 – Small battles won; became the building manager for the apartment complex last month, and finished up the first paint job in one of the apartments.  Also planting some sunflowers out front, to add some color! In Thesis related news, the CTBUH is hosting an incredible discussion on skyscrapers in Shanghai, in their series on ASIA ASCENDING! Would love to say I’ve accumulated the funding for this, but… maybe soon? (Donations are always gladly accepted!)

2.26.13 – It’s amazing how fast time flies when your having Thesis fun!  Until now, I’ve purposely been rather discreet about Thesis work, as there remain many items left to refine before publication in August.  However, a few interesting items to share that start tackling the heart of the work: this White Paper from the Council on Tall Buildings (CTBUH), and a quick Youtube video summarizing the paper’s discussion on ‘5 energy generations of skyscrapers’ in a rather fast two minuet video.

11.15.11 – Uploaded this  summer’s Masterclass package in the Publications segment of the website.  The publications section always looks so lonely, with all the ‘half-ideas’ banned to limbo until completion!  This new packet should help spice that up!  ;)

10.19.11 – Received a call from Metromode Media the other day, looking to do a short interview for their recent ‘Jobs Landed’ series in Detroit.  Theirs is a series that demonstrates how it is not all fire and brimstone in Motown!  My thanks goes out to Dana Miles Frost for her diligence and insight-fulness; it is great to hear about the careers that many other young professionals have embarked upon locally.

9.16.11 - Another post to our Detroit Blog is up, and ready for fresh critique:  Genius Loci.  While Nathan’s upcoming posting about spatial relationships in schools expands into something worthy of a Thesis in its own right, this month, I’ve tried my luck in at a similar vein as chroniclers Allan Temko and Blair Kamin.

8.11.11 – Got a holler today from a former professor, mentioning our work last fall has become a small publication, albeit a PowerPoint style, presentation type format with a local action coalition!  Feel free to guess which half I contributed (Hint: I didn’t take the photos!)

8.4.11 – After many months of anticipation, Nathan and I have completed the first starter entry for the other half of these ramblings, Genius Loci (hey now, we’ve been a tad busy!).  While this website remains a collection of various portfolio and publication projects, Genius Loci will specifically focus on my adopted city.  It will give a chance to try design ideas, as well as theoretical writings or submissions from others that may be interested or have top notch ideas.  Outside submissions are always welcome!

7.10.11 – Finally had a chance to submit Venice Lagoon Park to an actual competition, with new boards seen here.  What surprised me about the winners was that a great emphasis was on COLOR and image quality, which I missed completely.  The high standard of Photoshop work and the “feeling” of a place that each project entailed suggests I have a lot to learn if I’m going to play with the big boys of Evolo, continue Arquitectum, or try my luck at any others.

7.10.11 – This is an unusual post, but for fun reasons!  Normally, I don’t get into great detail about specific classes that I am taking, but I have been finding that this current summer course has been an exception for many reasons.  Along with seven other teammates, (and twelve other teams), I have been working under the direction of Mason White of Lateral Office, (Toronto),  upon the assignment “Third Coasting – Understanding and Implementing Ecology Networks within the Great Lakes”.  The last eight weeks have been spent traveling along the entire southern coast of Lake Erie to understand city relationships to the coast, researching ecology on the Great Lakes, and creating detailed proposals that interconnect lakeside cities to their coast along the entire Great Lakes region.

Rather than attempt to post my specific role within a highly dynamic group, I have uploaded a sample PDF of our work, to be completed as we finalize the actual project.  It is also unusual that I post incomplete work, but will be holding off on completing this idea, least I use it later for my Thesis.  Till then, enjoy!

6.13.11 – Been busy advertising the final AIA Symposium via local underground and mainstream media!  Currently promoting the event through LTU’s AIAS blog, press packages, and many other blog type sources.  We are still open to suggestions, as the AIAD is hoping to close out with a bang!  Hopefully, a publication of the event will be completed by the end of summer.  Check back for more updates soon!

6.1.11 – Finished (and finally mounted) a proposal for the AIA Detroit’s upcoming Urban Agriculture Symposium, to be displayed at the Detroit Public Library on June 22nd!  The tentative boards are  here, though upgraded graphics will be completed after submission to the Venice:City Vision competition next week.

The difficult part of a proposal for medium to large size urban agriculture project within many post-industrial cities, is respecting the sensitivity and relationship of a project to existing neighborhood residents.  Too many contemporary proposals have a “slash and burn” methodology similar to 60’s urban renewal.  Bull-headed designers find themselves surprised that residents of low density neighborhoods aren’t willing to instantly pack up and move out, just because of a planners pretty graphics, or ‘data’.  Citizens have deep roots, and can hinder an awful proposal just as easily as they can assist one that is well integrated.

I am quite curious to discover thoughts/input from other city residents about this submission.  Great efforts were made to keep the proposal as “flexible target zones crafted through selective investment” rather than ‘certainty planning’.  Many of the items explored are in response to working with CDAD last semester, allowing for amorphous shifts in neighborhood typology based on citizen input and backing.

..we shall see.

4.15.11 – Pegged out another epic competition submission with Nathan for Arquitectum: Barcelona!

4.11.11 – Working with the AIA Detroit, to promote the first part of their three part symposium, “Detroit By Design!”, whose link is here.  The first Symposium presentation materials for ‘Transportation Integration in Detroit’ are now on display at the Detroit Public Library, 3rd Floor.  I will be filming at Wednesday’s upcoming panel discussion/day workshop at the DPL, starting at Noon on April 13th!  With any luck, I can finalize my own submission to part three, Urban Farming, for publication/display in June!  Stay posted for more updates!

2.21.11 – Another Competition submission, thanks in part to Architizer’s Competition Competition, which lets last years non-winners have another chance!    Be one of the first to both check out the submission, and take a vote here.

1.31.11 – Goodness my..  It appears, when you have a great idea, a professional architecture company like NYC’s ARO will post something incredibly similar (with even better renderings, and a few awards from the AIA, I might add) making we young designers want to eat our hats!  They even beat me to the idea by 2+ full months!  Honestly, I wish I had found this one sooner; I might actually have won that NYC competition!  ;)

Their competition (dec 2009) : here

The reining(?) champ (feb 2010): here

…you decide!

1.3.11 – Became a Finalist for the 2010 Durr System’s Inc., Furniture Design Competition!  Check out the submission: here

8.26.10 - Today I turned all of these ramblings into a small business!  maweisg l.l.c. is now up and running as an official company; great for all of your architectural design needs!  ;)

8.5.10 – I’ve been getting a great deal of feedback from people around the world this week, and figured its about time for a blog update!  The grad school portfolio has been coming along well, and will be posted all over this site when it’s completed for reader critiques.  As well, Nathan and I are gearing up for the start of a theoretical architecture blog about Detroit (also to be linked on the site when started), same with the ever-being-put-off Pecha Kucha submission.  Completed the first of my theoretical writings for it, and cannot wait till he gets back from Europe to start some writings!  Until then, we are trying to agree upon a name: thinking Genius Loci, though suggestions are always welcome…

6.9.10 – Been busy, so little time for any blog updates!  Been accepted to Lawrence Tech’s Graduate School of Architecture!  One more step closer to registration.

4.2.10 – Good find of the day goes to Dan!  Seems someone out there also is pushing the pods…here

However, for our “original” pod concept, be sure to compare that to the original.

3.25.10 – Hello all! Been busy working out all the bugs on the new website!  I’m still looking for suggestions for the User Interface, so shoot me a line!  Currently working on the portfolio, and debating about going for another competition.  With all the one’s I’ve been going for these past few weeks, I should think about re-naming this to something like “Competition Central!”, or perhaps keeping up to date with the times: _Comq3tion[cENTral]_   ;)